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links   A GIRLS' WORLD: Have you ever wanted to find a place on the Web designed specifically for young girls? This is it! Send your daughters, sisters, nieces and their friends.

links  JOHN BAILEY: " Journal of a Writing Man. The daily working journal of a slightly dotty writer and poet living deep in the British countryside." These daily journals are a quiet delight of life with John, his poetry, his garden, the tireless Graham, and the adventures of Dolly the Mega-Cat (including the occasional photo).

links  BESTBOOKLINKS is a website that allows listing and promotion of any publishing or writing activity.

links  EMMA BULL and WILL SHETTERLY: A dynamic couple and terrific writers.

links  CUBA AND ITS MUSIC, an amazing book by Ned Sublette on the development and influence of Cuban music throughout the world.

links  DORIS EGAN: Talented novelist with the alter-ego of Jane Emerson. She has a wicked and delicious sense of humor. She also has a photo of the raccoons who invaded my pantry.

links  ELLEN GUON BEEMAN: Novelist, tv writer, computer game designer and producer, and webpage designer. Also one of the nicest people ever to grace the earth. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about her. (She'll kill me for this.)

links  MATT HALEY: A phenomenal artist. See for yourself.

links KATHARINE KERR: Writer of the marvelous Deverry fantasy series, and of great SF, too. I stand in awe of she who can turn a short story into several trilogies.

links  KATHERINE LAWRENCE: Writer of animation, live-action, computer games, short stories, books. My best friend of 18 years, tragically deceased on 25 March 2004. This is my memorial site for her. Farewell, Kath.

links This excellent educational website teaches children about censorship and how to deal with it.

links  PETER LEDGER: Though Peter is gone, he lives on in his art. Read his biography and epitaph to learn about the gentleman barbarian. Look at his prints, paintings, and books to learn about his art.

links  RANDY LITTLEJOHN: Writer. Director. Tall guy. Love Of My Life.

links   THE MARX MALL Okay, I admit it. This is my utterly self-serving link to a page where you can purchase shows, books, scripts and games that I've written.

links  SHANNON MUIR: A page called Inspiration's Hand, from an aspiring writer who's learning the ropes & tropes of the animation business. You can also read Shannon's articles about career possibilities for non-artists in animation.

links  MICHAEL REAVES: Prolific writer of tv, animation, novels, you name it.

links Novelist and adventurer, LAURA RESNICK, has a useful page for aspiring writers on her site.

links  JINA BACARR: check out The Blonde Geisha and The Japanese Art of Sex. Jina is always fascinating!

links  USAGI YOJIMBO: Beautifully series illustrated and written by the endlessly talented Stan Sakai. Engaging stories of a ronin (masterless samurai).

links  MARV WOLFMAN: Famed writer of more comic books than you can shake a werewolf at. Now also writer and producer of animated television. And a really swell guy.

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