CONQUESTS OF CAMELOT: The Search for the Grail

computer game

Designed, directed and written by Christy Marx.

Game & Cover art by Peter Ledger.

As King Arthur you travel the far reaches of your kingdom and even to the distant, exotic city of Jerusalem in search of the elusive Grail. Along the way, you must also find and rescue three of your knights who set out to find the Grail before you.

I have posters of the Peter Ledger cover to sell.

By request, here is a List of Skill, Wisdom and Soul Points that can be gained and lost in the game.

For those who have the newest versions of Windows and would still like to play a DOS-based game, or if you're having technical problems getting your old version of the game to run, check out this freeware: DOSBOX that is designed to let you do exactly that. With thanks to Samuel Stokes for the useful tip.

Sorry, I don't have copies of the game to sell and don't know where to find any (try eBay or game forums). You may, at your own risk and with no guarantees, try this.

Camelot easter eggs are listed on

Finally, a dedicated fan in Chile has translated the entire game into Spanish.

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