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First, I must lay down the ground rules. By ordering any of this material, you are agreeing to abide by the following conditions:

1) The materials you receive are for your personal enjoyment only.

2) The materials you receive may not be copied, reproduced and recreated in any way whatsoever for any reason.

3) The materials you receive may not be posted, reproduced or shared on the net, the web or by any other means. Not even the tiniest part of it. Not even for free.

4) The materials you receive may not be sold in any form in any way for any reason. No, you may not sell it on eBay. See rule #1.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Yes, each item will be personally autographed to you or whoever you want.

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THE JEM BIBLE: The bible is 147 pages containing the entire bible I wrote for the three seasons, plus line drawings, model sheets and one storyboard for a video sequence featurng Danse. It weighs about 40 oz.

Price: $55 USD (postage included within the USA)

Note for international buyers: let me know what you want to buy and I'll get back to you with a price for international postage.

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JEM SCRIPTS: Only scripts written by me are eligible. See below for a list of the scripts.

Price: $25.00 USD per script (postage included within the USA)

Note for international buyers: let me know what you want to buy and I'll get back to you with a price for international postage.

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This includes the outline of the Jem movie that was developed but never went into production, plus outlines for episodes that never made it to script.

Price: $15.00 USD (postage included within the USA)

Note for international buyers: let me know what you want to buy and I'll get back to you with a price for international postage.

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Please pay via Paypal

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THE BEGINNING (part 1 of mini-series) : Jem and the Holograms accept a challenge to compete with The Misfits in a giant Battle of the Bands with the winner to take control of Starlight Music. Jerrica Benton faces disaster when Starlight House, her home for foster girls, is set on fire.

DISASTER (part 2 of mini-series): With Starlight House destroyed, Jerrica must find a home for her foster girls. The jealous Misfits sabotage a photo session for Jem and the Holograms and crash an exclusive party on the Countess Du Voisin's yacht.

KIMBER'S REBELLION (part 3 of mini-series): Jem and the Holograms go to Paris to make a video clip. One of the Starlight Girls runs away to join The Misfits. Kimber's jealousy of Jem grows and she quits the Holograms.

BETRAYAL (part 4 of mini-series): The Misfits try to wreck a TV interview of Jem and the Holograms, but when that fails, they frame Jem for a robbery during a concert in Las Vegas.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS (part 5 of mini-series): Eric Raymond kidnaps a Starlight Girl and uses her to make Jem and the Holograms his prisoners during the Battle of the Bands. Unless they can escape, The Misfits will win and Eric will take control of Starlight Music.

FALLING STAR (Part 1 of STARBRIGHT): Jem and the Holograms find their dream coming true as they make their own Hollywood movie. But their dream becomes a nightmare when Pizzazz uses her father's money to buy the movie studio and take over the movie.

COLLIDING STARS (Part 2 of STARBRIGHT): The Misfits do their best to make Jem and the Holograms' lives miserable as they take over Jem's movie. Jerrica learns that Ba Nee, one of her foster girls, will go blind without an expensive operation. As Jem, Jerrica is determined to finish the movie to pay for the operation, in spite of dangerous accidents on the set.

RISING STAR (Part 3 of STARBRIGHT): When Kimber's life is threatened by an accident on the movie set, Jem and the Holograms finally abandon their movie to The Misfits. Jem, with the help of all her friends, decides to make her own movie in a desperate race against time to save Ba Nee's eyesight.

THE MUSIC AWARDS (Part 1): Jem and the Holograms face tough competition from The Misfits to win a coveted music award. While Jerrica struggles to save Starlight Music, three of her girls (Deirdre, Krissie and Ba Nee) feel neglected and run away from home. Eric Raymond establishes Misfits Music and uses Techrat, a secretive electronics genius, to sabotage Jem.

THE MUSIC AWARDS (Part 2): The runaway Starlight Girls encounter Danny, a runaway boy, and forget their own troubles as they try to rescue Danny from the dangerous schemes of an older boy. Jem and the Holograms choose to lose out on the valuable Music Award by doing a benefit for a runaways shelter. Eric sends Techrat to ruin the benefit but Danny foils Techrat's jamming device.

THE PRINCESS AND THE SINGER: co-written with Ellen Guon. Jem and the Holograms give a Royal Command Performance in the tiny, fairytale kingdom of Morvania. Kimber and Princess Adriana of Morvania look exactly alike. Kimber's life is endangered when she is mistaken for the Princess by conspirators who plot to seize the throne.

THE JEM JAM (Part 1): Jem announces the Jem Jam, a concert featuring the biggest and most legendary stars of rock music. Krissie has a run-in with Dominic, the conceited son of one of the stars who have come to stay at Starlight Mansion. Eric and The Misfits go to Techrat to get a gimmick to outdo the Jam.

THE JEM JAM (Part 2): Ba Nee decides that one of the musicians taking part in the Jem Jam is her long-lost American father (he is not) and places herself in danger to make him prove it. Krissie reaches understanding and friendship with Dominic. Techrat's bizarre UFO-like gimmick nearly ruins the Jem Jam, but instead goes haywire and nearly undoes The Misfits.

GLITTER AND GOLD: With The Misfits riding a wave of success, Jem and the Holograms adopt a new Glitter & Gold look as they fight to win back their own popularity (compounded by Jerrica being jealous of herself as Jem.) Jerrica nearly tells Rio that she is Jem, but Rio's reaction to a similar situation convinces her that she doesn't dare do so. A huge record store chain, Diskovery, holds a nation- wide contest between Jem and the Holograms' and The Misfits' new records. Whoever is the first to sell 500,000 copies of their new album wins the Glitter & Gold prizes.

THE TALENT SEARCH - PART 1: Shana leaves the Holograms to design clothes for a big-name TV actress. Jem opens a Talent Search to get a new drummer. Introduction of RAYA and JETTA (a new Misfit). Raya accidentally learns Jem's secret (without Jem realizing it).

THE TALENT SEARCH - PART 2: Aja falls in love with a drummer, Craig Phillips, without realizing he is Stormer's brother. Eric tries, and fails, to manipulate both Raya and Craig (the Talent Search finalists) to find out who Jem is. Raya becomes the new drummer of the Holograms and Shana, miserable with her fashion job, returns as a guitarist.

KJEM: introduction of KJEM radio station. Jerrica tries to save a small radio station with help from a group of college kids. The Misfits are tricked by a rival station, KBST, into doing a pirate broadcast which jams KJEM's signal.

BRITROCK: Pizzazz calls Jetta's bluff to prove that her family has a royal title. Jetta's parents "borrow" a mansion for the weekend from a bankrupt Earl to fool The Misfits. Jem and the Holograms go to London for a concert where Aja meets up with Craig Phillips and learns he is Stormer's brother. Jem aids the real Earl of the estate to regain his title and blows Jetta's masquerade.

THE STINGERS HIT TOWN - PART 1: Riot (lead singer/guitar), Rapture (backup vocals, percussions) and Minx (backup vocals, synthesizer) are The Stingers, the hottest new group in town. Eric and Jerrica fight to sign them up for their music companies. Riot decides Jem is the perfect woman and sets out to win her while Pizzazz decides Riot must belong to her and Minx sets out after Rio.

THE STINGERS HIT TOWN - PART 2: Riot's charisma almost wins Jem away from Rio. Eric comes up with a gigantic media blitz which wins The Stingers to sign with him, but Misfit Music becomes StingerSound and The Misfits suddenly find themselves playing second string.

A CHANGE OF HEART: Minx undergoes a dramatic change of heart when Rio saves her life. She sets out to do all kinds of good deeds for Rio, Jerrica, Jem and the Holograms to make up for her past bad behavior. Unfortunately, the new Minx turns out to be much more trouble that the old Minx.

A FATHER SHOULD BE...: Jem and the Holograms go on a search to find Ba Nee's father, who was an POW in Vietnam. An impostor kidnaps Ba Nee and demands a ransom of one million dollars. Jem and Ba Nee's real father join forces to save the girl.

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