Zoe on Randy's shoulder
Zoe on Randy's shoulder.

Zoe Zoe


BORN: approx. 1 May 2005

This tiny tabby girl was the smallest in a litter of four (3 girls, 1 boy). The kittens lost their mother when they were only about four weeks or so old. The local kitten rescue person contacted me after the young woman who was caring for the kittens called for advice. I was only a short distance from the location of the kittens, so I went there to see how they were doing and help the young woman get them set up with the right food, proper catbox, etc.

When the kittens go a bit older, I took them in for about a week while they got their first set of shots and deworming. The young woman and her friends adopted the other three kittens, leaving this little girl with nowhere to go. So naturally, here she is.

She's totally adorable and full of spunk. She's full-grown and a happy member of the Horde. Zoe remains one of the sweetest, best-natured cats ever.


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