Unicom naps Unicom outside UNICOM

BORN: spring 1991- 23 Dec. 2003

NICKNAMES: Unimeister, Unipuss, Spunky Boy, Mr. Bright Eyes, the Mighty Gopher Slayer

This beautiful, big, orange boy was my second biggest cat, at about 17 lbs.

His odd name came from the fact that he was originally an airport stray, about 6 months old when I brought him home. He used to sleep on the airport's radio. In an small, uncontrolled airport (no control tower), the pilots announce what they're doing on a frequency called the Universal Communications channel, known as the UNICOM. He heard the term so much over the radio, he came to think it was his name.

As he got older, he suffered badly from arthritis in the elbows. For a long time, that didn't stop him from being the most lethal of gopher slayers. He used to catch 2 to 3 gophers a night, though he slowed down in his last year.

Uni had the most distinctive personality. He loved his people, loved to be hugged and cuddled, loved to have his belly rubbed, but he had a streak of mischief a mile wide. When he turned into "Spunky Boy", you played at your own risk.

Tragically, we lost him very suddenly and unexpectedly to congestive heart failure.
Uni's grave
Uni's grave: he loved to sit on the big triangular boulder and survey his domain.
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