Tribble haughty Tribble Tribble sprawls Tribble sprawls upside-down TRIBBLE

1 May 1989
20 Feb. 2006

Tribble was one of the sweetest, gentlest, most loving personalities I've ever known. Tribble loved people. His method for getting their attention was to reach up and stick a single claw into their legs. I've had many a guest jump and yelp because Tribble wanted their attention. He was always there to greet anyone and demand affection.

He was a big, fluffy, floopy love-muffin. I'll miss his funny "whuff-whuff" sounds. I'll even miss his incessant Whine Torture.

He was a good gopher hunter in his prime, and brought me many a trophy.

There's a story behind the name. David Gerrold is the scriptwriter who wrote the famous "Trouble with Tribbles" episode of the original STAR TREK series. Querida had recently had a second batch of kittens when David happened to be in town and visited my house. He was very taken with with the fluffy orange kitten of the litter, but the kitten was too young to be taken home yet. I promised to save the kitten for Davivd. I gave the kitten the name "Tribble" as a placeholder. Time passed and for one reason or another, the swap never happened. He was my Tribble ever since.

Tribble was a very relaxed sleeper and became the inspiration for the Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics.
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