Theseus Theseus Theseus & Tribble Theseus belly up THESEUS

BORN: approx. 1994

NICKNAMES: Fuzzbutt, Fluffball, Tankboy

He showed up as a stray, extremely shy. I enticed him with food, had to use a trap to catch him, and slowly won him over. He doesn't give his trust easily, but once you have it, he's a sweetheart and very affectionate. He's also built like a tank -- wide and solid.

I don't know what his genetic background is, but he goes through the most dramatic change in coat thickness I've ever seen in a cat. His coat changes completely between winter and summer. It nearly doubles during the winter, requiring a lot of extra combing to keep the dreadlocks under control. During the summer, he changes to a thinner medium-length coat.

He got his name because I was reading Mary Renault's two wonderful books about the legendary warrior-king, Theseus, "The King Must Die", and "The Bull From The Sea". I'm afraid he doesn't live up to the name. He's a big, silly, tugboat of a cat. In fact, he's so wide-bodied, he has trouble getting through the cat door. If someone else is being combed, he has to butt in and insist that he be combed. If someone else is getting attention, he butts in to make sure he gets his share. He doesn't do this in an aggressive way; it's more of an eager "me, too! Don't leave me out! Me! Me! Me!"
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