Sly Sly Sly SLY

BORN: unknown
DEATH: 10 Nov. 2005

NICKNAMES: Sly-purrs, Sly-puss

Sly belonged to friends of mine, who named him after Sylvester, the cartoon cat. When my friends divorced and had to move out of state, they couldn't take all their cats with them. They planned to get Sly later. I would go by their house to feed and pet Sly. Everyday as I drove off, Sly would watch me leave with such a look of longing that one day I caved in and brought him home (along with Tosca and Diva). He was so happy with me, that he soon became a permanent member of the Horde.

Sly was a sweet, mellow boy who never made trouble. Just a good-natured, affectionate moggy. He wasn't the brightest moggy to prowl the earth, but he was a pleasure to have around. Anytime someone came to my office, whether it was me or a total stranger, Sly was always there to greet the person and demand attention. He adored getting ear scritches.

He was quite old when he died of liver failure, probably cancer of the liver, and I had to have him put to sleep. I will miss my friendly greeter.
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