2 baby raccooons
2 baby raccoons
look for a way out.
3 baby raccoons
3 baby raccoons
climb the wall.
For about three years, I was plagued by a cunning mother raccoon who learned to come through the cat door and gorge herself on cat food. On one occasion, she let herself in by cutting a precise 90 degree corner out of a screen door.

She gave birth to litters of four babies and taught them to use the cat door. She went through two or three litters this way, until I had to resort to trapping them and releasing them in another canyon. That and keeping the cat door closed at night finally made the difference. You've never seen anything move so fast as a raccoon that's just been let out of a cage. They became brown streaks with Doppler Effects. They were gone so fast, I couldn't even snap off a photo in time.

What you see on this page was my last major visit from mama raccoon and four babies. I was woken at 2 am by sounds from the back hallway. I staggered out, mostly asleep, flicked on the light switch and panic-stricken raccoons ran amok. I managed to grab my camera for these shots before they retreated out the cat door, one by one. Baby #4 hid behind the water heater quite a bit longer before he finally escaped, answering the worried "tok, tok, tok" call of his mother.
Mama raccoon and 4 babies.
Mama raccoon and 4 babies
make like Velcrotm.

They may look cute, but they're dangerous wild creatures with very sharp claws and teeth. Forget the cute Disney versions and treat raccoons with extreme caution.

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