Querida with a 2-dimensional friend Querida Querida gives us her back QUERIDA

BORN: early 1987
DIED: 12 April 2006

"Querida" is Spanish for "darling". She was a very tough old broad and when she leapt into a fray, nobody messed with her. I saw her chase off a full-sized raccoon when she had a litter to protect. She had two litters before I had her fixed, throwing out the most amazing variety of colors, patterns and hair length (white lynx-point, black, calico, Siamese, orange tabby). I kept all eleven kittens, but she outlived all her children.

She had beautiful blue eyes that were very crossed. Her markings were a mix of Siamese and calico, creating an unusual effect. Querida didn't meow, she quacked. She ran away at the slightest sign of affection, unless it was absolutely on her terms.
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