Puck's first day
Puck in hiding on his first day. Puck on floor Puck Puck Puck Puck at one year old. Puck at 3 years old.

BORN: approx. April 2001

NICKNAMES: the Puckster, Pucky, Puck the Merry Prankster, Puckaroo Bansai

Puck first started showing up as a stray. Because he was a feisty young tomboy, we were having trouble with Unicom wanting to get into a fight with him. This cat was unusual from the start because even though he didn't know us at all, he would come right up to us and let us pick him up. Finally, we took him to the vet and had him fixed. Then we gave him to a neighbor and hoped he would be happy there. He ran away almost immediately.

Even after we had his balls cut off, he kept showing up at the house. Finally, one day early in Sept. 2002, Randy surrendered and decided he could stay. I took him to my office to become acquainted with the Moggy Horde. There was the usual growling and hissing for a few days, but now he a full-fledged member of the Horde.

Puck is very smart, extremely affectionate and loving, and quite a character. He's young and full of energy and mischief, but he's certainly filled out since he first arrived. My one regret is that I can't let him go outside in the neighborhood we've moved into as it's not safe for him. He really misses being about to go outside.
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