Pippin's first day with us
Pippin on his first day, looking a little worried (roughly 7 weeks old).


BORN: approx. 1 April 2005

Pippin is the first kitten to join the Horde in a long time. His mother is a feral cat in the neighborhood, a pretty Tortie, who decided to give birth to her kittens in a tiny crawlspace beneath an old cabin across the street from me. The neighbors are planning to completely renovate the cabin in the future, but for now it sits empty.

My lifemate, Randy, heard the kittens under there while visiting. We could see them way back in the crawlspace using a flashlight, but there was no way whatsoever to reach them. I began leaving out food and water for the mama cat. Once we could tell the kittens were old enough, we began trapping them. We caught this little guy first and he immediately clawed his way into our hearts.

We caught four kittens in all -- a fluffy black girl with a white ruff (Jetta) and two Tortie females (look just like mum), Opal and Sapphire. Pippin was brave and adventurous from the start. He was playing with Randy's fingers, with string and with a ball by the second day we had him. He also eats a lot. We cast about for the names of adventurers who like to eat a lot and came up with Pippin, comrade of Frodo in the quest and, like all Hobbits, fond of his food.

Pippin & siblings
Pippin tells his siblings to come on out, there's plenty of food.

Pippin's siblings
Jetta, Sapphire and Opal had to think things over.

Pippin gets wild!

"I caught a turtle!"

Pippin at 11 months

Pippin (11 mos. old) revisits the turtle.

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