Nefreet on birdhouse Nefreet Nefreet Nefreet in blanket NEFREET

BORN: unknown (approx spring 1992 or 1991)
DIED: 1 Sept. 2005

NICKNAMES: Psycho-kitty, Twisted Sister, Looney Cat, Nefritolay, Rocket-butt

My beautiful little psycho-kitty. Deeply affectionate, but with a tendency to suddenly bite. She hated all the other cats, wanting to be the only adored feline in the house. She wasn't always like that. She came back from being fixed in a totally psychotic state, which I believe was the result of reacting badly to the particular anaesthesia. It took months of dedicated work to bring her back to something resembling normal, though she was never the same after that.

About her name: as you can see, she had gorgeous "Egyptian" eye liner, so I gave her a root name (which I've spelled phonetically for convenience) common to many Egyptian princesses such as Nerfertiti and Nefertari. It means "beautiful".

She adored birds, which is to say she wanted to eat them all. She would sit by the window and "chatter" at birds for hours. She was also a dedicated lizard catcher and fairly good mouser. She had more energy than ten cats put together. When she started racing around the house at lightspeed, we called her Rocket-Butt. After she did something nasty in the catbox, she would run at full speed out of the bathroom, through the kitchen and zoom up the stairs like a rocket.

She died after she slipped past me to get out of the house, wandered into a neighbor's yard and was severely mauled by a dog. She had emergency surgery, but we didn't find her in time and she lost her battle to live the next night when she was overcome with septic infection.

I had a special bond with her from the very beginning. It was like this -- you look across a room, you lock eyes with someone you've never seen before, and there is an instantaneous and powerful connection between you.

I saw Nefreet from across my yard one night. We locked eyes, I knelt down, and held out my arms to her. She raced across the yard and literally threw herself into my arms. From that day on, she was my dear girl. She may have become a fractious, cranky psycho-kitty later on, but we always had that bond.

Every night she would climb into my lap. I had to be sitting just so, and she would have to get in my lap, then out, then in, circle around and settle in just so. That was the routine.

She was with me for 12 years. She was at least 13, possibly older. That's a decent life and it was a good one filled with plenty of love. Maybe not as perfect a life as she demanded, since I didn't get rid of all the other cats, but it was a good one.

She was beautiful, temperamental, intelligent and unique. I will miss her terribly.

Goodbye, Nefreet, my Egyptian princess. May you romp in sunny fields of catnip with all the food you can eat, with slow lizards and fat mice and low-flying birds...and no other cats. It's your heaven and you get to enjoy it by yourself.
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