Knobby Knobby on railing Knobby KNOBBY

BORN: mid-April 1991
DIED: 12 April 2006

NICKNAMES: Knobbikins, Knoblet

Poor Knobby was the most timid and neurotic of my cats, probably from having been orphaned at 2 weeks old, which was when I got him, and his sister, Kate.

He liked to get attention by standing next to my keyboard and butting me with his head. He got his name because when he first arrived as a tiny kitten, it felt as though he had a knob at the end of his tail. As he grew, the "knob" turned out to be a a perfect 90 degree kink right at the very tip. He also used to get on my pillow, knead my hair and drool into my ear.

I lost him to kidney failure.
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