BORN: approx. 18 April 1991

DIED: 16 June 2009

NICKNAMES: Katie-Kat, The Blimp, the Grand Dame

Kate had the markings of a ticked Tabby and the build of a blimp until her final years when she became thin and frail. Her coat was thick and dense, but soft.

She was very sweet, timid, a bit on the neurotic side, and affectionate. She had a silent meiow or would make itty-bitty squeaks as though her jaws had rusty hinges, though she magically developed a full voice when I would take her to the vet.

Her brother, Knobby (a tuxedo) and Kate came to me as 2 week old orphans. I had a mother cat who was nursing at the time, but she was such a small cat, I had to give them additional feedings with an eye dropper. The two orphans were only supposed to be a temporary addition, but we know how that goes. Kate gave me 18 good years of her sweet friendship.
Kate in the catnip
Kate in debris
Kate lies innocently amongst the chaos caused by another member of the Horde.
Kate at 18.
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