Diva with blue glass globe Diva in silly sleeping position Diva in grapevine Diva on rock Diva with burrs
Diva says, "Burrs? What burrs?"

BORN: spring 1996
DIED: 4 Oct. 2007

She was a small cat with a big Siamese-style voice and she used it to create an amazing array of sounds. I named her Diva in honor of her soprano voice and operatic range. She and her mother, Tosca, often sang duets. Diva loved people and would warble a chorus of greetings to visitors.

As a young cat, she was wildly playful and raced around like she had a rocket up her butt. Mischief was her middle name. In a rare quiet moment, she consulted her crystal ball. In the other photo, she auditioned for the Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics.

She earned the nickname The Goth Princess because she was black and because of the number of times she managed to adorn herself with headgear composed of stylish cobwebs.

In her later years, her health declined. She developed the eye goop virus that kept her eyes goopy and runny all the time. I treated it with Lysine, but couldn't cure it. She grew thinner and more lethargic and it became obvious that something serious was wrong. She was put to sleep when she was dying of liver failure, possibly due to a liver tumor or other cancers. She passed peacefully in my arms.
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