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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Screw it, I've decided to stop giving Jetta the Amitriptyline. She loathes the stuff, it's a struggle giving it to her, and I can't see that it's done her any good at all. She continues to lick her belly bare the same as she's been doing for a year now. Whatever the problem is, I don't think it's just "nervousness". I'm still giving her the catnip because why not? It probably makes her way happier than the trank.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jetta has slowly gotten better and I'd say she's pretty much back to normal. I found a ploy that works well with giving her the trank -- I immediately follow it up by giving her a hit of catnip. She loves her catnip. It works wonders on getting her to forget about the pill I shoved down her throat.

Both Jetta and Zoe went to the vet today for rabies shots. I would never bother with rabies shots normally with completely indoor cats, but the county of San Mateo requires it. Jetta was just there, so she didn't need an exam. I pointed out that Jetta continues to lick her stomach bare in spite of changing food or using the trank, but the vet didn't have another recommendation. I have no idea what else to try.

Zoe hadn't been the vet's in a long time, but the vet thought she was in perfect, gorgeous condition. I've gotten Zoe's weight down a little and it's just right now. The vet loved Zoe's big, big eyes. She had these huge elfin eyes as a kitten and somehow they grew with her instead of her growing into them.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Opal woke us around five singing the mousie song. We went back to sleep. She started up again around seven. We ignored her. She pawed at the covers. She threw up in the bedroom. She went downstairs and slammed kitchen cabinet doors. She's an adorable girl, but there are moments when I want to throttle her.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I think Jetta is slowly improving. I'd say she's about 70% better, but not back to normal. At least she's not going to the box nearly as often and is spending less time in the box when she's there.

She seems to love the Cosequin. It was always a struggle to get her to eat her canned food, but for the last few days, she has cleaned her bowl in one sitting. What a change.

When I got home from work yesterday, I opened the door and saw birthday balloons that Randy's sister had sent him. Pippin and Opal were hanging out in the living room, but Saffy was nowhere in sight. Saffy's always there to greet me when I come home, or she comes running down the stairs to greet me. Not this time. She was hiding upstairs in fear of the balloons. Neither one of us could coax her down. She's usually the boldest cat of the three. She even hangs around me when I'm using the vacuum cleaner. But for some reason, she can't cope with the balloons. We cut the balloons loose and they're floating on the ceiling for now. Saffy is keeping a wary eye on them.

The Terrifying Balloon Monster

Friday, 14 February 2014

Jetta had her kidneys x-rayed on Thurs. Everything was good. No stones, no tumors or masses (which was my other secret worry). That leaves us with persistent urinary tract inflammation. She's done with the Clavamox and is getting Cosequin mixed into her gooshy food, something the vet recommended. Jetta seems to like it just fine. The vet also gave me three doses of a liquid painkiller, in case Jetta's reacting to pain. She seems to be spending less time in the catbox, but I'm not sure we've totally handled it yet. I'll be keeping a close eye on her during this three-day weekend.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The vet checked in with me via email on Mon. to see how Jetta was doing and based on that, she called me today to talk. A bladder inflammation should have cleared up within a couple of weeks, so she wants to x-ray Jetta's kidneys to see whether she could have kidney stones. The vet said kidney stones could make Jetta feel as though she needs to urinate. So the plan is to drop Jetta off Thurs. morning on my way to work and have Randy pick her up later in the day. You can't do much for humans with kidney stones; I have no clue what you could do for cats, if anything.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Jetta's feeling better today, though she's still spending a lot of time in the catbox. And scattering lots of cat litter in the process. Ever since this started, I've had to clean up about ten times more scattered litter than before.

She ate all her canned food tonight, she got into my lap for the first time in a long time, and she even let me get away with combing her. But she and Zoe had a tiff a few minutes ago, so she's gone off. It was one of those silly cat tiffs where they start out licking one another and being friendly, and then suddenly they're hissing and whacking one another. Ridiculous moggies.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

We had an unpleasant surprise waiting for us this morning. Pippin left a large, semi-soft crap in the dining room. That's far from normal behavior for him and we're baffled by it. There are no changes to the catboxes. I clean them twice a day: morning and then a couple hours before we go to bed at night. It's remotely possible it was a fear-crap. Late in the evening, we heard the gate near the front door clanging again and all the cats exploded up the stairs. But it sure seems like we would have smelled it, if it had happened then.

Nothing we've tried over the years has solved his intestinal problems. We've tried all kinds of food solutions. He gets pumpkin every day. He's been to the vet multiple times for this, but it's chronic. About all we can do is clean up after him. One of the first morning tasks has become the Pippin butt-check. Often followed by the clean-up. I keep baby wipes around for that purpose. I wish we could find a solution.

And then there's Jetta. I was down to the last Baytril and she hadn't improved much, so I emailed the vet. Friday I arranged to work from home and took Jetta in to get subcutaneous fluids and to pick up a different antibiotic, Clavamox. I've given both these meds to cats numerous times over the years. I have to get the Clavamox into her twice a day, so I've been taking advantage of Jetta's long sits in the catbox to give it to her there. I've had to develop a routine of cleaning one cat box, gently getting her to shift over from the one she's in and then clean the other one. Otherwise, I'd wait for hours trying to get both boxes clean. She's still spending more time than I like squatting in the boxes. I'm waiting to see better results soon.

Monday, 3 February 2014

As expected, I'm seeing slight improvement in Jetta tonight. Last night, the only way I could get her to eat her gooshy food was to lift her out of the catbox and place her next to the food. She ate most of it, but immediately returned to the catbox.

Tonight, she came out to greet me and she was ready to eat her food, though she only ate half of it and spent another ten minutes in the catbox. But after that, she finished the rest of, visited me briefly at my desk, and then back to the catbox...but not for too long. Now she's in her catbed. That in itself is way better than last night.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

I left urgent messages for the vet and was able to talk to her on Friday. Randy ran over to the clinic for me to pick up another course of Baytril and some Amitrityline. This vet seems determined that Jetta should have the trank and it's only a very low dose, so I'll do ahead with it. This time the vet said it would help prevent "bladder spasms".

Last night, poor Jetta spent almost three hours just sitting in the catbox. I couldn't even get her to come out for the gooshy food until hours later. She ate a bit and then went right back to the box. I gave up and simply gave her the pills while she was sitting in the box. It's only her second pill in this course, so I expect it will take at least one more dose before I see significant improvement. It sure concerns me that ths problem came roaring back so severely within a week of getting the other course of Baytril.

Funny moment doing the laundry. Opal likes to fetch mousies and hide them inside Randy's socks and underwear. It isn't unusual for me to find a mousie has gone through the laundry cycle. But this last time, I found two mousies in the washing machine. Opal has upped her game.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Well, damn. Jetta stopped sneezing, but her urinary problem is back and she's spending excessive time squatting in the box again. I left a voice message for the vet.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I left a message at the vet's office first thing Thurs. about needing to hear from her, and she called me back at the end of the day. I filled her in on how well Jetta is doing. She didn't have any other recommendations other than putting Jetta on Amitriptyline if I thought she was too nervous or stressed. She said there's a connection between stressed cats and the bladder inflammation. Jetta is on the typically neurotic end of the normal cat scale and I really don't want to give her the trank. The vet didn't recommend anything in particular for diet other than trying to feed Jetta more moist food. It's already a struggle getting her to eat the canned z/d, so I don't see much luck there. Other than that, she said to keep an eye on her.

Friday, Jetta started sneezing. She's been sneezing ever since, though not excessively. I'm keeping an eye on that, too.

Last night, Pippin, Opal and Jetta heard something that sent them scampering up the stairs in a panic, though Saffy was quick to come back down. Randy and I were sitting in the living room reading and wondered what could have set them off. Then we heard the sounds. Just outside the front door porch area, immediately to the left, is a chain-link gate that opens to a narrow walkway between the house and the fence leading to the back yard. That's where we store the recyling bins. We immediately recognized the sound as the metal gate being jostled. It can do that on a windy night, but there was no wind last night.

Randy stepped outside to investigate and found himself a few feet away from a skunk. I saw a skunk in our front yard a few years ago and we've smelled them going off in the neighborhood many times. He quickly retreated unscathed as the skunk turned and went its way.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I managed to get Jetta through the entire course of antibiotics with almost no fuss. She's perked up tremendously. She's no longer spending long minutes in the catbox. What I'm finding in the catbox are normal amounts of pee. Jetta's appetite has picked up and returned to normal. And she's been more playful and energetic.

The last thing I heard from the vet, a couple of days ago, was that Jetta's urine culture came back negative for bacteria, so no bacterial infection. She gave a diagnosis of feline lower urinary tract disease. She mentioned something about additional treatment, but I'm still waiting for details. You tend to get urinary tract problems in males more than females. I'm hoping it's a one-off thing.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The vet, bless her, gave me antibiotic pills that I only have to give to Jetta once a day -- at night. Tonight I fed her and waited for her to jump onto my desk as part of the usual routine, then quickly popped the pill into her mouth. I followed that with a lot of petting and praise for what a good girl she was.

I figure I'll get away with that once, maybe twice. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. She's no fool.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I've been home sick with a cold for a few days and it proved to be a good thing because I've been in my home office a lot more than usual. And that allowed me to discover that Jetta has some kind of urinary tract problem.

I would go to clean the cat box and find Jetta sitting in it. I'd wait. And wait. Go away for a few minutes and come back to find her still sitting there, absolutely still, trying to pee. Eventually, she'd get out and I'd find just a tiny bit of urine. Then a minute later, she'd come back and sit in the box another five minutes or so. I was keeping an eye on this, but what pushed me over the edge was when she did this at least four times in a row. She must have spent twenty minutes sitting in the box.

She's been a bit off her food lately, too. It's been a struggle to get her to eat the canned food and she hasn't polished off her dry food the way she used to.

I left an urgent message for my vet overnight so they'd get it first thing in the morning. Getting a last-minute appointment is a near miracle, but I got lucky. They had a cancellation and I hauled poor Jetta to the clinic at nine this morning. She complained loudly.

It's been nearly a year since I had Jetta there for the skin allergy problem. I was astounded it had been that long. She's lost about a pound since then. They had to get a urine sample, but she was bone dry, no surprise, so I had to leave her there half the day. I had them go ahead and cut off the more persistent clots in her fur and clip her nails while they had her. They did a full blood panel as well. I won't know the results until Friday. The vet has me giving her antibiotics in the meantime.

Jetta was powerfully happy to be home. She even demanded petting and attention, which she almost never does. I got out the new rod & string toy I recently bought and Jetta played with it energetically. I guess she can't be feeling too bad. Hopefully, the antibiotics will improve the situation.

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