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cat line drawing

March 2017

We had to take a quick overnight trip recently, but our catsitter wasn't available. This led to a couple of frantic days researching and calling around. We landed a woman named Francesca who turned out to be amazing. By amazing, I mean that she was able to get Opal's pills into her and...get ready now...she was able to brush Jetta. She sent us a text and photo of it. We're holding on to this sitter.

Last night, Zoe jumped onto my desk and dropped a mousie next to the keyboard. A rare gift. She also left behind a whisker. A few years ago, on a whim, I began keeping all the shed whiskers I would find. I have a lot of them now. Randy thinks I'm strange. One day I'll get around to putting them up for sale on eBay just to see what happens.

Today I had to haul Zoe and Jetta to the vet to have their rabies shots redone. San Mateo country requires me to license the cats and they require the shots. Both girls were well-behaved and quiet.

Jetta, the feline bowling ball, is up to 14.5 lbs and the vet wants to get her on a diet. Zoe, by contrast, has been losing weight. She's at a good weight right now, but I need to make sure she doesn't keep getting thinner. I have a suspicion that Jetta is eating most of Zoe's food. It's hard for me to prevent that. I may have to put their food away while I'm at work and only feed them when I'm here, but that's a bit hard on them. It's a tough problem.

Zoe also has a cavity and will need to have the tooth removed, poor girl.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Cat alarm clock: when Saffy horks up a hairball on the bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday 18 February 2017

Oh, dear, I drove Jetta away with my singing. Both Jetta and Zoe are perturbed when I sing, and I can't blame them. I have a terrible voice. But Jetta gets especially worried about it and if I keep it up too long, she decides that it might be wiser to escape.

Monday 13 February 2017

Nothing better than coming home after a long day and finding numerous piles of cat vomit to clean up. It was all over my office.

Also, Zoe and Jetta are letting me know that the current choice of gooshy food (duck and green pea) is not meeting their satisfaction. And not by throwing it up; by showing little interest in eating it, especially Jetta.

Thursday 2 February 2017

Zoe enjoys her naps on my Zynga laptop.

I plug my peripherals into the laptop when I work at home, so that I can use my large monitor and regular keyboard. That means I can leave the laptop closed, proving Zoe with a warm, flat bed for the day. She loves it.

Zoe on laptop

Monday 30 January 2017

I gave Jetta some "pixie dust" tonight aka catnip. She's a major catnip junkie. She's also an enormous fluffball who rolled in the catnip, and then jumped onto my desk thoroughly coated in pixie dust. So now my desk has catnip everywhere. Too bad I can't get stoned from the stuff.

Thursday 19 January 2017

I worked from home today because I had an appointment in the afternoon. I use my Zynga laptop, placed to the left of my keyboard and hooked up to my keyboard, mouse, and big monitor. I can't stand typing on those little laptop keyboards.

When it came time for my appointment, I covered my keyboard as I usually do with the protective Rubbermaid container, but stupidly neglected to cover the laptop as I usually do, because Zoe was sleeping on it. It's nice and warm and flat (with the lid down), and she loves sleeping there right next to me.

I came home to find that Zoe had thrown up immediately next to the laptop. I got lucky, in that 99.5% of the vomit missed the actual laptop.

By way of apology, she had then gone and fetched a mousie that she left right next to the vomit. Nothing says "I'm sorry for throwing up on your desk" like a mousie.

Sunday 25 Dec. 2016

We had a turf war last night. More of a split-second spat, no damage done. It was about lap time. Randy's lap is prime real estate in high demand between Saffy and Opal. He has the perfect lap and they both love to spend time on it. He does his best to make sure that each one of them gets their lap time, but they get jealous about it.

It was at the end of dinner and Randy had been trying to get Opal to get onto his lap. She was sitting next to him on the sofa, pulling her princess routine, ignoring his invitation. Saffy, who was sitting at Randy's feet, said, "Okay, screw you, if you don't want the daddy lap, I do." She jumped up, but as she landed on Randy, Opal went ballistic, they spatted their way to the ground, and instantly broke up. Lap time was officially over.

I try to get them to sit on my lap, but I am mostly spurned. Once in a while, Saffy will deign to lie across my lap, but daddy's lap is the place to be. Probably because he's 6' 3" with long legs, so there's lots of room to sprawl. Whereas at 5' 4" and short-waisted, my lap isn't as accommodating. Though I have to say that when I'm in my office at the computer, Zoe is perfectly happy to be a lap fungus for hours on end. She's a good lap warmer, too.

Sunday 25 Dec. 2016

Saffy in xmas paper

The obligatory "cat in xmas paper" photo. At least one of these is required per holiday season. Peeking cat is Saffy.

Monday 19 Dec. 2016

Saffy on bed

A portrait of two cats. Saffy the Sentinel...

Opal in sweater

...and Opal the Lurker.

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