Artemis shows her thumbs Artemis in box Artemis grabs the broom Artemis scrying in water bowl Artemis on sofa Artemis belly up ARTEMIS

BORN: spring 1995

NICKNAMES: The Polydactyl Princess, Princess of Thumbs, The Great White Belly

The Polydactyl Princess (extra toes: she has thumbs on her front feet), a spoiled darling who loves to lie around with her white belly in the air. She knows she is the secret ruler of the universe and this makes her entirely smug. A cat with thumbs is a higher evoluntionary being. I'm sure she uses the computer at night.

Artemis started out such a cute little kitten. She has grown into a gigantic, terribly fat cat. She got so fat I took her to the vet wondering if she had a thyroid or other physical problem. No, I was told, she's just got that kind of a body. I think of her as the feline version of Moby Dick, especially when she's lying with her huge white belly in the air.

She also practices the mystic art of Fang Miow. This consists of batting the water bowl around until all the water has slopped out onto the floor. This accomplishes two things: she has rearranged the element of water in alignment with the principles of Fang Miow; and she can then use the pool of water as a scrying mirror to see to distance places.

Blue was her brother, but they hated each other.

Artemis is now an Honorary Member of the Horde because she has been adopted by Randy's sister, who adores her. She's working hard to help Artemis lose weight in order to counteract health problems brought on by her extreme obesity. It's something I could never do here because I had no way to restrict her food with all the other cats around. This has been a happy solution for everyone involved.
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