[Celtic knotwork]


Story by CHRISTY MARX.....Artwork by PETER LEDGER

[Celtic knotwork]

The story of Carlos McLlyr is set in the pueblo of Los Angeles in the early 1840's. He is the son of an Irish father and Californio Spanish mother. His father fled Ireland bringing with him the Black Rune of Llyr, a god of war and storms. He hoped to elude the burden and curse of the Rune in this new land, but in the end couldn't escape a violent death.

This death came from a particularly large and vicious grizzly that has been branded with the Rune, and is thus more than an ordinary bear. In the three-part story, "OLD GODS, NEW WORLD", Carlos finally sets out to avenge his father's death and kill the rune-empowered grizzly.

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[splash page of part 1]
[splash page of part 2]
[Cover for part 3]

"OLD GODS, NEW WORLD" appeared in 3 issues of ECLIPSE MONTHLY, an anthology series from Eclipse Comics (now defunct). Two other unrelated stories fill the rest of the issues. I have a small stock of these issues still available. They are now exceedingly rare because Eclipse's entire back stock was destroyed in one of the Guerneville, CA floods. I will only sell them in sets of 3, no separate issues. For more information, see How To Buy Books.

PRICE: set of 3...$45.00

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