[Cessna 02B push-pull aircraft]


The Cessna 02B was a push-pull style of aircraft, as you can see from the unusual configuration and the two props, one at the nose and one at the back end of the fuselage. This 02B is shown flying over Cambodian rice fields.

Though originally designed as a civilian plane, they were used for special duty during the Viet Nam war. They would fly flow over the Vietnamese and Cambodian countryside, broadcasting offers for the Viet Cong to surrender to the Americans (or, it is rumored, using the incredibly high-powered speakers to play rock'n'roll) and dropping leaflets. This is what earned them the nickname of "Bullshit Bombers".

It could be hazardous work. The cockpit wasn't reinforced with armor plating and the Viet Cong were known to take pot shots (guess they didn't care for Jimi Hendrix).

This print was commissioned by the owner of this exact plane, stunt pilot Steve Stavrakakis (shown in the cockpit), who flew his 02B in air shows, blasting 1970's rock music across the skies (minus the pot shots...we hope).

These prints are not signed. They're printed on high-quality, glossy stock.

SIZE: 17" x 23"(43.18 cm x 58.42 cm)

COST: $15.00 (includes shipping and postage)

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