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Fiction Credits

I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.

--James Michener


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The Silicon Sword

Moira smoothed out the wrinkles of her joysuit, doing toe touches and deep knee bends to make sure it felt comfortable. She tugged the gloves on next, sealing them to the sleeves, then settled the helmet in place. "Test visuals first, Takara," she said.

The room came into existence around her. It was as close to grungy medieval as the budget would allow: rushes on the floor, a mouse caught in mid scurry across the stone hearth, a combination of faded and new embroidered tapestries on the walls, even a curtain over the garderobe in the corner.

©1996 Katherine Lawrence
The Shimmering Door


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The Forest's Not For Burning

Have you any idea what it's like to live at the edge of the Enchanted Forest, and be the Woodcutter's eldest daughter? You know, the one out supporting the family after our parents died?

You guessed it. I was at the local market when the Duke arrived and found my younger sister hauling water from the well. I hear they have two children now.

My youngest sister was pulling up carrots when the Prince arrived. I was out trying to find a new stand of trees to harvest. At least I got an invitation to the Ball they threw last month.

©1995 Katherine Lawrence.
Enchanted Forests


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The Tarnished Soul

An empty, wandering planetoid on the fringes of the galaxy is the perfect place to indulge a severely introspective depression. Or so it seemed to the Silver Surfer.

The distant stars reflected off his silver form, or as much of it as was left. That was the problem. For some time now he'd noticed dark spots on his silver skin; spots which grew slowly but steadily.

©1994 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved. Posted with permission.
The Ultimate Silver Surfer


Weird Tales from Shakespeare is out of print

No Sooner Sighed

The moment my office door closed behind me, the shoes got kicked off, the music turned on, and the blinds opened. It was another quiet sunset over the Calabasas hills.

My great-aunt used to describe the glorious, always changing sunsets from before the heavy-duty air quality laws. Wish I'd seen those masterpieces of oranges and reds, shading into pinks and violets. On the other hand, I doubt I'd be able to breathe what they called air back then.

I turned the music up, then sat at my desk. It had been a long, frustrating day, but I'd gotten the background info I needed on the little scumjock that was trying to marry my client. Now to write up the report and zap it to her.

©1994 Katherine Lawrence.
Weird Tales From Shakespeare


The Official Monthly Magazine -- Babylon 5

From Titan Publishing, London, U.K. - published in the U.K. and U.S.

  • The White Star Story ­ Diary Entry from Alexandra Ekaterina Luchenko, Issue #8, May 1998
  • Psi Corp Needs You! Recruiting Notices, Issue #6, February 1998
  • Excerpts from the Book of G'Quan, Issue #3, November 1997
  • Win a Trip to Centauri Prime!, Issue #2, September 1997


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