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Feature Animation Credits

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The Secret of Mulan, written by Katherine Lawrence & Christy Marx, is an animated feature adaptation, based upon an ancient Chinese folktale from approximately 450 A.D. It's a marvelous tale of young Mulan and her desire to protect her lamed-in-battle father and serve her family's honor by answering the Emperor's newest call for soldiers. One might consider it one of the earliest feminist folktales.

This version sticks closely to the original in intent and story. I hope it honors the original tale-tellers, and their many descendants.

That said, this is a musical version, and yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, on the video box cover Mulan does indeed have multiple legs and resemble a caterpillar. There are some decisions made by producers, not writers.

The Secret of Mulan was released directly to video on April 28, 1998 from United American Video. It's currently available on VHS from amazon.com in NTSC format (U.S. and Canada).


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