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You're wondering why you should hire me to write or help design and write your project.

The big reasons are EXPERIENCE and QUALITY.

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  • I began designing and writing games in 1988 at a time when I was in charge of the entire creative team: programmers, animators, composer, right down to testing and signing off on the games.

  • I've worked on PC adventure games, console games, RPG's, MMOG's.

  • My writing experience encompasses live-action TV, live-action film, animation for both TV and film, comic books, graphic novels, and non-fiction educational books.

  • I've worked with many types of software, from ordinary stuff like Word to in-house propriety programs. I'm not afraid to tackle something new.

  • I've developed not only games, but also TV series, additionally acting as showrunner or story editor. I can edit existing material or manage a team of writers.

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  • I'm bloody good. Modesty be damned.

  • I'm especially good with action-adventure, sf and fantasy.

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  • I prefer to work on a contract basis and am willing to spend time on-site as needed.

  • I can write your game bible, story, missions, quests, character biographies, world background or historical setting, cinematics, cut scenes, dialogue, FMV, and anything else you might need.

  • I can work with you purely as a Writer. Or I can provide depth of experience and work with your design team as a Designer-Writer, helping to integrate story, characters and dialogue to the benefit of the project, while understanding the needs of gameplay.

  • I can manage a team of writers for you and hire writing teams under my supervision if your project requires more writing than one person can handle.

  • Additionally, I have the credits, background, contacts and experience to develop your project for other media such as television, film, animation and comics. If you want to know more about those areas, see the complete list of my WRITING CREDITS in all media.

  • No, I'm not cheap. Neither am I ridiculous about my fees. For game writing work, I don't go through an agent, so you should CONTACT ME directly.
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