ZYNGA -- Principal Game Designer of Narrative Design for Zynga games from Dec. 2010 to present. Games worked on so far: Mafia Wars 2, Hidden Chronicles, and CastleVille Legends.

LORD OF THE RINGS: War in the North -- Story editing and writing of dialog and cutscenes

WAZZAMBA.COM -- Design Consultation and quest writing for virtual world site dedicated international travel.

MMORPG -- Slipgate Ironworks/Gazillion Ent. Head Writer Creative Development (for IP creating and transmedia adaptation) and Lead Story Designer. Positions held from July 2007 to December 2009.

CSI: Hard Evidence -- Telltale Games. Narrative design and writing for the "Burning Cabbie" case. Co-written with Randy Littlejohn.

MATRIX ON-LINE -- Monolith Prods. Supplemental writing for game website.

URU: AGES BEYOND MYST -- Story and game evaluation for the UbiSoft MMOG based on the highly successful Myst series from Cyan.

EARTH AND BEYOND: MMORPG -- Quests and dialogue.

TAO FENG: Fist of the Lotus-- X-BOX RPG martial arts game from Microsoft/Studio Gigante. Wrote world history, back story, character bios.

THE LEGEND OF ALON D'AR-- design and writing, PS2 fantasy RPG game for Stormfront Studios/UbiSoft
LORD OF THE RINGS: The Two Towers --EA/Stormfront Studios. PS2/X-Box game. Story and cinematic development work.

BABYLON 5 -- Yosemite Entertainment (part of Sierra On-Line). Space combat simulator. Design & writing. Not released.

CONQUESTS OF CAMELOT: The Search for the Grail for Sierra On-Line. Created game as designer/writer/director. Awarded "Best Computer Adventure Game of 1990" by VideoGames and Computer Entertainment magazine and Excellence Award from Game Player's magazine.

CONQUESTS OF THE LONGBOW: The Legend of Robin Hood for Sierra On-Line. Created game as designer/writer/director. Voted Best Adventure Game of 1992 by Computer Game Review and Enchanted Realms (for Amiga version).

Edutainment game prototype for Broderbund, from an original concept and design by Christy Marx.

TALES OF THE CRYSTALS: Milton-Bradley, script for audio cassette game

BATTLEVISION: interactive toy/animation series for Tiger Electronics, co-written with Katherine Lawrence

Game Design Consultation for Microsoft, Fujitsu, InterWorks

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